Biolife AB Adult Gold Pre & Pro Probiotics 10 Billion CFU 2box X 30sachets + FREE GIFT
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  • Synbiotics for adults
  • Contains 10 billion CFU clinically-tested probiotics for triple protection with synergistic effect
  • Contains 2g extensively studied prebiotic and natural source of fiber
  • Safe for long term consumption
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • Certified Halal
  • Suitable for vegetarians

A.B. Adult Gold Pre & Pro is a food supplement containing both prebiotics and probiotics.

The prebiotic, oligofructose-enriched inulin powder helps to promote the growth of beneficial bacterial in the gut. The probiotics used in this product are Lactobacillus plantarum LP01 and Bifidobacterium lactic BB12.

The probiotics help improve a beneficial intestinal micrflora. A.B. Adult Gold Pre & Pro used for:

- Normalize bowel movement

-Boost up immune system

- Improve calcium & magnesium absorption How does A.B.

Adult Gold Pre & Pro help?

1. Normalize bowel movement

Remove waste substances from the intestines Inulin-oligofructose mixture stimulates peristalsis by increased bowel content Lactobacillus plantarum LP01 improves fecal consistency and bowel symptoms – more regular intestinal motility

2. Boost up immune system Inulin-oligofructose mixture stimulates the growth of intestinal bifidobacteria and restores gut function Bifidobacterium lactis BB12 colonizes well in the gastrointestinal tract (high bile acid tolerance and acid resistance)

3. Improve calcium & magnesium absorption Inulin-oligofructose mixture help to increase calcium absorption through enlarged intestinal mucosa and increase the surface area for diffusion of calcium, hence protecting from bone loss when taking with calcium rich food3


Take 1 sachet daily before food. Mix the contents of the sachet with water.

Specification: One sachet contains probiotics (6 billion CFU Lactobacillus plantarum LP01 and 4 billion CFU Bifidobacterium lactis BB12) and prebiotic (inulin-oligofructose powder 2271mg). Source: Probiotics from Denmark and Italy, prebiotic from Belgium Suitable for vegetarians

What's in the box

1 X Bio-life AB Adult Pre & Pro Probiotics 10 Billion CFU 2box X 30sachets